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You can make a difference. Help shape the character and culture of the next generation of Americans by bringing ethics in sport to the youth in your community.

Health and Body resources for bringing ethics in sport to the youthin in your community

What impact do performance enhancing substances have on the body? In particular, the growing bodies of teens in middle and high school?

Did you know:

  • In children that have not yet reached maturity, steroid use can disrupt or prematurely initiate puberty.
  • Anabolic steroids can also stunt growth by prematurely causing the long bones to stop growing.
  • Stimulants and other risky diet practices represent alarming and dangerous consequences.
These outcomes should be understood by teens who are beginning to make their own choices and you can help. Learning more about the positive effects of health and nutrition and the sheer joy of clean competition can make a difference in the lives of your students.


The Journey guide cover

The Journey

Decisions are seldom black and white. Many decisions are made from the gray area. Sometimes, the best choice is unclear. Other times, the best choice is clear - but it is hard to take action. There are also times when no matter what decision you make, it seems like the wrong one. This can be especially true in sports. How can you be sure you are making the best decisions? This ethics guide is filled with activities to help one learn how to apply ethical concepts and decision-making skills to one's own life.


Cover of Nutrition Guide

Optimal Dietary Intake... The Basics - For Sport. For Life.

Do you see your students and athletes eating "not so healthy" lunches or after-school snacks? Give them the tools they need to make informed & healthy dietary decisions.

This nutrition guide provides tools and resources on how to get the most energy out of what you are putting into your body before, during or after exercise. It also talks about supplements, fluid replenishment drinks and stimulant drinks.



Joy of Sport guide cover

The Joy of Sport

What exactly is "doping"? What do anabolic steroids do in the body? Are dietary supplements okay to take? How can one improve their athletic performance naturally? These are questions that parents and mentors continuously ask. This quick resource will help parents and mentors begin those tough discussions with youth about topics such as doping, ethical decision making, the health consequences of performance enhancing substances, nutrition, and more.


USADA Mom's Choice Awards True Sport ™ is powered by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), bringing action to the idea that sport can and should teach valuable life lessons. Empowering sport participants and enthusiasts of all types and levels with healthy performance strategies in sports and in life, True Sport™ is grounded in a solid platform of guiding principles centered on competing strong, playing fair, and achieving more.
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